5/3658th July 2012 - “Call Me”This is a representation of what I tend to do on a daily basis. Wait for someone to call me, or even just to text me..I’ve been feeling so emotionally unstable the last couple of days, and just hearing one persons voice can bring me back to my happy place. Struggling, but getting back to the old me :)

7th July 2012 - “BYTESIZE”
I was asked by the lovely Charlie Ashton, to take some promo shots for his record label. So this is the outcome of a very interesting night.

I love my best friend to pieces, you should check out his work via the soundcloud link that’s posted on the photo :)

6th July 2012 - “Sweet Dreams”
This is basically what I’d like to call a here-and-now photograph, as my day hasn’t been that great and I haven’t been as creatively motivated. 

So my apologises if you wished for something marvellous. I’ll try my best to do better for future posts :) 
5th July 2012 - “Untitled”
Sorry this has been a late entry for the day, I had trouble thinking of a good enough idea for today’s photograph.
However, I was inspired by the light that hangs in my living room. So this is what I came up with, lighting tech has been really hard to please me recently, but I like what happened here :) 
Re-Edit of work taken on Mumbles Pier in November 2010. After narrowing it down to three different edits, I think this is the best one. Simple but I like that!